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5 советов для эффективных посадочных страниц

Лендинги с формой подписки – один из наиболее эффективных инструментов для сбора аудитории. В отличие от вебсайта, на котором много содержания может отвлечь, на посадочных страницах всё внимание посетителя сфокусировано на предложение действовать здесь и сейчас – подписаться, записаться на прием, заказать обратный звонок и тому подобное .


В этом посте вы найдёте 5 важных советов для создания эффективных посадочных страниц.


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This is the post in a series on designing a purposeful user flow, which is an intentional, directed flow of information and choices designed into your website’s most important positioning content that does not rely upon a visitor exploring and using a navigation menu.

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Solve Your Business Challenge Through Objective-Based Website Design

As a UX and web design company, Webcreator believes that business objectives should be accomplished by creating simple ways to improve the user experience.

The idea is to focus on your business objectives and work backwards to determine strategies that will accomplish them.

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Effective Landing Page Design To Claim Your Services or Products Successfully From The Very Early Business Start


This is the fourth post in a series on designing a purposeful user flow, which is an intentional, directed flow of information and choices, packaged into your website design. It consists of important positioning content that does not rely upon a visitor exploring and using a navigation menu.

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Ecommerce Startup Development – How To Start With Success


Here are the 5 main eCommerce trends  you should certainly follow to start  business successfully and prosper :

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What Makes Business Website Great?


Business website either serves it`s development purpose or it doesn’t? – Most of them  don’t.

Today your company website cannot be great if it isn’t designed to create new opportunity for them. Website design must attract visitors and increase the number of your customers.

Otherwise, a website is just something to look at.

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Top Reasons To Have Responsive Website For Your Business

This post explains why responsive website is so important for your business and marketing as well as some important elements to consider while designing and developing a responsive website.

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Whatever type of organisation you are running, you most likely have a business website and no doubt do everything you can to get the right people to visit your site.

When they get there, then what? Is your website working for against your overall marketing efforts? How likely is it that somebody will buy from you or engage with your brand once they get to your site?

This article is all about the user experience (UX) once they get to your site, and it has a major influence on how the site should be designed.


The best way of thinking about how to improve the user experience is to break down the whole process into steps and stages in a journey. These steps are as follows:Who is your ideal visitor?

Let’s take a closer look aе at him.

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How To Select The Right Creative Web Design Studio


Web design is not just the beautification of a website. Though, it justifies the work done by your organization.

Some of the major factors you need to 0ent56n are described below:

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How Your Online Business Success Can Be Influenced By The Website’s Structure

A website’s UX is directly affected by it’s structure. And the website structure is extremely important  when it comes to SEO performance.

If you have a confusing website with an unappealing layout, chances are good that search engines won’t be too fond of it ether. They don’t want to wait, they want the information now. And in order to get to what they’re looking for in a timely manner, everything needs to be perfectly organized.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve first page rankings that you and your team will absolutely love:

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