Our projects

Brelion online platform
Design, Development, Corporate identity

Creation and support of American real estate crowdfunding platform Brelion.

Design and development of Brelion crowdfunding web platform.

Brelion - is the first digital experience of that kind in Northeast Ohio. The goal of web platform is to bring investors and real estate developers together. 

Brelion web site offers investors a wide range of residential and commercial real estate investments in local, national, and international markets. All offerings are pre-vetted by experienced team of real estate professionals. 

Features we provide while design and development of platform:

Beautiful interface concept
Light colors and clean design evoke positive emotions and are perceived with pleasure. Moreover, it helps visitors to focus on the most useful segments: 

  • Properties
    To achieve success, investors should diversify their portfolios among different assets. Brelion interface clearly shows comparison between available projects - single-family residences, apartments, or commercial development.
  • My account
    Commercial result is the goal for every client. Approachable interface allows investors to see the progress and update account, communicate with comfort.

Special interaction features preserve investors from wasting time and make all data easy to find and understand.

Highly functional web design 
We designed about 30 pages for site sections: Raise capital, Investments, Learn, About, Private account area, Contact us.

Responsive design
We created mobile version of platform to use it anytime on IPad, IPhone or other mobile devices. Brelion mobile website is as beautiful and easy-to-use as original.

 Corporate identity

  • Brandbook
  • Pitch deck
  • Corporate blanks for various purposes - business plans, letterhead, etc.  


Brelion secure and vigorous platform promotes real estate projects of developers and helps to raise their capitals.  Web site looks neat, calm colors are perceived easier and do not distract attention. Thanks to such a clean design you can easily learn information you need to make investment decision and to manage your investments.

We created web site, that performs the best way of interacting with real estate data and with statistics for investors and companies. Clean design helps users build trust and comfort when adapting to a new interface.