Our projects

Desing for AsianLustre JP
Responsive design - Wordpress

Colourful and attractive new look for Japanese marketing company

Responsive website, oriented on international market, for a large Japanese company AsianLustre.

The website is based on Wordpress
Using the structure provided by the client, we have created responsive landing pages  -  several beautiful long pages with a unique design.

Each page consistently, compactly and beautifully provides relevant information about appropriate company activity. Visually, the landing pages are conditionally divided into logical blocks. 

A lot of work had been done on content structuring, as such design approach requires. Long-page websites look more presentable and inspire confidence.

The AsianLustre website is optimized for a great user experience across desktops and mobile devices.

AsianLustre new responsive website has an attractive layout, good order, proper color coordination, appropriate fonts, attractive images, and above all – simplicity.

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