Our projects

Plum online shop
Estore, design, promo

Design and development of perfumery web store with intuitive and customer-oriented interface.

Our team has created new perfumery online store Plum, that looks like real shop front.

New design for Plum web site is attractive, user friendly and entertaining. We used white background to prevent the web site from becoming too cluttered with shapes and colors. 

The product card provides detailed information and offers you to look through all versions range of the item. We have created a well-thought-out and responsive design of the shopping cart. It  can change size and look in response to window size.

The calm, subtle color scheme is ideal for women’s shopping. Also it helps to concentrate client’s attention only on his shopping and helps to not distract him by useless elements. 

To make Plum online store unique and more interactive for customers, we added features:

  • Voice search
  • Floating shopcart that is changed automatically in response to window size (minimizes or expands)