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Web site Slovo i dilo
web site, graphics

Development of socially oriented web platform called “Slovo i dilo” (ukr. “Word and Action”).

The web site is created for ukrainians to express their civil position, monitor and assess actions of politicians. Every page of website Is layered with an informative user interface that shows detailed promises and actions statistics with comparisons.

The main page is performed by blocks with most recent information on different categories. Such layout allows visitors to observe major sections of website immediately and to awake their interest.

“Slovo i dilo” allows everybody to add promises given by politicians for further monitoring and recording their execution.

New web experience demonstrates how responsible ukrainian officials are by allowing visitors to compare their ratings. Our clean and easy to access web design helps to do it as comfortable as possible.

As the website should demonstrate lots of statistical data, design rely heavily on approachable and refined infographics, various charts and diagrams.

We structured large amount of information, giving visitors quick access to any section of website, allowing smooth and responsive interactions at the same time.

Additionally, we developed mobile version of website that lets users stay active whenever they want from mobile devices.

Our team created new useful and informative website, complemented by beautiful infographics, subtle icons, well-chosen fonts and colors.