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Design for Institute of Cell Therapy
web site, graphics

Modern web site design for Institute of Cell Therapy


Design concept of website, performing services and advantages of Ukrainian Stem Cell Clinic.

One of the main goal, while creating website design, is to group and perform great volume of information concerning different activities of institute.

We have divided website into three parts. Each of them is a micro website that passes you through each line of clinic activity and helps you to explore and find —Āomprehensive data. You can easily switch between microsites using tabs on the home page.

All graphic content, including photos and certificates of clinic, is performed in sliders. By using such format we were able to create convenient design, not overloaded with extra information.

Since the clinic specialization is rather wide, website visitors can search for information or advice on various issues.

Taking it into account, we added design experience, that lets you to get answer on your exact question. It looks like step-by-step test. Answering questions one by one, you finally will reach the block with result, relevant to his case.

To create clean and easy-to-use web site, we had to learn and understand the large volume of specific medical information. Thanks to this, we have structured and submitted necessary data so that any additional elements do not confuse the user.

We also have enhanced usability of website with new forms of navigation and interaction.